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Much of our work is born through client referrals and our partnership with Oro Menechi is a prime example. Sprung from the referral of a past client, when Oro Menechi needed a website the client had no hesitation referring them to us for their web and design needs. Its truly a humbling experience when a company comes to you for expertise in helping their company stand apart from the rest. With the immense amount of experience that Oro Menechi has acquired over the past 30 years in the jewelry industry we wanted to put our best foot forward.

As with many of our projects, we first took a look at Oro Menechi's competition. Being that they are located in the heart of the Jewelry District of Downtown Los Angeles - competition was plenty. Our project would involve creating a website with a scrolling banner to showcase the company's specialty services, as well as an image gallery to house their endless pieces of high-end jewelry. When we asked for a collection of photos they wanted to share on the new site - they had none. This was truly going to be a "from the ground up" assignment.

We quickly arranged an appointment to travel to Los Angeles to meet the business owner and start our photo shoot. Within a few hours we gathered several hundred photos that would serve as a foundation for the gallery and images needed throughout the site. During our stay in Los Angeles, we discussed the company's vision and were able to put together a site map that was easy to navigate and very scalable so to meet the company's growing needs. After creating various social networking accounts, endless hours editing photos, coding the entire site and setting up an affordable web hosting solution - Oro Menechi's new online presence was complete.

We finished up our design work for Oro Menechi by designing new business cards and other printed materials which showcased the company's new URL. The clean and minimal design was just what they wanted because like with any design company - your work does the talking for you.

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